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 A number of options exist to learn about SmartCatalog and its implementation in your company:

  • Standard Customer Training - Included in your purchase of SmartCatalog is training on how to use the Adminstrative Console and to administer the software.  This training may be provided at the customer site or via web conferencing. As with any tool that helps structure and transforms data for business use, the ability to understand and document your product data, workflows and business logic is key to successfully demploying SmartCatalog most efficiently. We recommend that all attendees are skillful and eager to learn. Knowledge of the host application and a full understanding of the product data available in the product table is necessary.

The goal of the training is to provide an overall experience that not only trains the users on the SmartCatalog Administrative Console, but provides an opportunity to perform some Business Analysis to customize the learning experience to meet your business needs.

The written documentation for the SmartCatalog Administrative Console is available on this site.

  • Business Analysis - SmartCatalog is purchased to support your company's goals and work processes.  Time spent focusing on this area helps to focus the SmartCatalog implementation so you get the best return on your investment as quickly as possible. Our business analysts have experience with a broad range of companies and business requirments. They can help you come up with the best of breed and the most effective strategies for incorporating SmartCatalog into your unique business processes and CRM solution.  This is often completed at the start of the project to determine the breadth and depth of the implementation needed.

  • Customized Training - Often customers ask for assistance with their first catalog, rule set, and/or guided selling scenario.  Our business analysts are available to work through the the first components put into place which often act as a template for the remaining ones speeding the implementation process. Training is then done not only on the base SmartCatalog software but also on the specific catalogs, rules, and guided selling scenarios created offering real life examples of how to best apply SmartCatalog to your company's workflow and data.  Users also get to see first hand the best practices recommended during implementation.

    We also offer in-depth technical training for those companies desiring to customize their own environments. 

  • Videos are available on our YouTube SmartCatalog channel:  Please refer to the organized list of vidoes and links on this site, or refer to the playlist on the YouTube site.

We are continually improving our training and welcome any suggestions you have!  Please send any suggestions or comments to:


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